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Bengal Brewing was born out our passion for craft beer.  My name is Herman, and I’m the founder and head brewer here at Bengal Brewing.  I have been brewing beer since the late 1980's where I started as a home brewer.  As my knowledge and passions grew, so did the quality of my beer.

In the fall of 2015, I elected to pursue my passion on more of a formal basis.  I began searching for schools that were not only dedicated to brewing, but that would meet my needs as a full-time employee of the State of Minnesota.  I enrolled in the Brewing Science Program at a local technical college and attended class 8 hours a week while continuing to work full-time as a building inspector and plan reviewer. In addition to formal classroom training, I was required to serve in the industry as an unpaid intern in order to gain commercial brewing and cellaring experience, as well as building professional relationships in the brewing Industry.  This rigorous schedule was not easy, and it clearly exhibited how passionate I am about brewing.  After completing hundreds of internship and classroom hours as required by the program, I finally graduated from the program in the spring of 2016 with a GPA of 3.93.  I continue to build working relationships today in the brewing industry and work from time to time helping out at other local breweries as needed.  I was just recently asked to brew at a local brewery to help them meet supply demands.  Though the days are long, they help to hone my skills as a brewer.  Soon Kathleen and I will be opening a place of our own.  

Our brewery dream is alive and my brewing passion is deep.  Together, Kathleen and I are working to open our own family brewery. Though starting this family owned brewery will not come easy, Kathleen and I are determined to succeed.  In our new tap room, the general public will have to opportunity to delight in the fruits of our labor.

Please visit this site often to see what progress being made towards opening day.

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